Meet the Animals

As a family oriented bed and breakfast, we of course have pets! We consider our animals a big part of our family. We always make sure they stay out of the rooms and the breakfast areas. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Misty (dog)

Misty is a small and pleasantly plump chihuaha-cross, rescued from Palm Springs, California. She is about 3 years old, and very energetic. She enjoys people, and lots of attention, but can be rather shy at first.




Rosa (cat)

Rosa is another rescue from Palm Springs, California. She is handicapped, with only three legs due to an attack while abandoned on the streets of Palm Springs. She is an anxious and leery cat, but once she gets to know and trust you she is a very friendly cat.



Lola (dog)

Lola is a very shy and anxious chihuaua, rescued from Palm Springs, California. She is also handicapped and has three legs, due to being used as a breeder and abused. She is very attached to Grace and prefers not to be picked up or pet. Very seldom, she makes new friends and allows them to pet her.



Kiki (dog)

Kiki is the eldest of the four legged friends. She is a very, very outgoing Pomeranian, and loves attention. Kiki tends to be very yappy when she is excited.



Paul (parrot)

Paul is a friendly gender-fluid bird. he/she loves to dance and sing, and sometimes will talk to you. We ask that if you visit Paul, don't stick your fingers in the cage, as Paul doesn't always understand that fingers are not food.

Peggy & Igore (parrots)

Peggy and Igore are a pair of shy senagull parrots, who would rather keep to themselves. They will talk to you loudly and prefer their own company of eachother.

Smokey (cat)

Smokey is a stray cat who decided that this is her home. She showed up on our doorstep one day and wouldn't leave, so we started to feed her. Just weeks later she welcomed herself into our house and has been a part of our family ever since. She is very friendly and loves atention. She sometimes will give you friendly nibbles when she would like to be pet more.




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